vegan cheese

So recently my friend over at, Meaty Vegan offered me some new vegan cheese to try.  This product is made by a Greek based company, Violife.  They offer a variety of different sliced cheese flavors, as well as creamy spreads.  The first thing that impressed me about this product was the short ingredient list.  It even used the words “vegan flavors”  instead of natural.  All of their products are soy, palm oil, and gluten free!violife

I was lucky enough to receive two packages, mozzarella, and herb.  Both where quite good uncooked in sandwiches.  I really enjoyed the herb variety with slices of tomato, and balsamic vinegar.

Since they come in convenient slices I decided the first thing I wanted to make with them was grilled cheese.  I also added some mushrooms, and onions that I had on hand.  This cheese melts very well.  It was absolutely delicious, and had a very nice creamy texture.grilled cheese

Sadly this product is only available in Europe at the moment.  Hopefully it will find its way over here soon!