himmel und erde (heaven and earth)

Last week I was happy to get pears, and potatoes among other things from my CSA.  I love the changing variety of produce during late summer  and early fall.  All the perfect of ingredients for delicious comfort foods.  As soon as I came home with my share, I knew I had to make another of my favorite fall dishes, ‘himmel und erde’ aka, heaven and earth.  Traditionally, this dish is a blend of potatoes from the earth, and sweet apples from the sky.  Normally it is topped with caramelized onions.There is debate as to which region of Germany this dish comes from, it may not even be from Southern Germany.  Actually, the recipe is not from my Swabian cookbook at all, its something I mostly make from memory.  I decided to have it for breakfast along with some of the Apple Maple Breakfast Sausage made by Field Roast, nectarines, and plums.  Himmel und erde is lighter with a touch of sweetness.



  • 1 pound yukon gold potatoes
  • 1 pound apples (or pears)
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tbsp sugar


Cut the potatoes into cubes. Slice the apples, and remove the seeds. Cook the potatoes in simmering water covered, for about 10 minutes. Add the apples and sugar, allow it to cook for another 20 minutes. In the meantime fry 2 medium onions with salt until golden brown. Once the potatoes and apples are cooked mash until relatively smooth. Place it in a serving bowl, and top with the onions.

homemade pasta

It’s finally Sunday, and I made it through one week of vegan mofo blogging!  I don’t know what you had for breakfast today, but over here in my little corner of the world we are enjoying fresh fruit from our CSA. The plate has yellow watermelon, nectarine, and plum slices. Along with delicious bread from Fat Boy bakery, purchased at the Ithaca farmers market.breakfast

I would be remiss if I did not make spaetzle (homemade pasta) during my month of making foods from Southern Germany. Spaetzle was one of my favorite childhood comfort foods. Before moving out, and living on my own I decided I needed to have my own spaetzle maker.   Well a relative gave me one a long time ago, but the truth is I rarely use the thing.  It isn’t something I think about making, since I can just buy pre-made pasta, and cook it so much faster. So this weekend while the weather outside was gray and rainy I finally made some.  Once again, I discovered that it really does not take that much time to make, especially if makeryou prepare the dough the night before!

To make the dough I followed the recipe over on the blog, Seitan is My Motor. There is another way to make spaetzle, if you do not own a maker. You can also lay some of the dough on a cutting board, Using the back of a knife push strips of dough into the boiling water. Making the pasta this way will not look perfect, but still works very well.

The smaller bowl on the left contains handmade pasta, and the bowl on the right holds the pasta made with the spaetzle maker.

Trip to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard


It is now early August, the perfect time for a quick road trip to Cape Cod, and Martha’s vineyard before summer ends. After a long drive through Western Massachusetts, Mr. EastHill Vegan, and I found our way to Hyannis, just in time to meet up with family for dinner.jfk

While wandering around main street, visiting some of the shops, we chose to eat at a Mexican style restaurant called Beech Tree Cantina, with outdoor seating.  I had the vegetable burrito with sweet potato fries, and shared freshly made guacamole.burrito

Given more time I would love to explore this part of Cape Cod more.  If you are ever here check out the vegetarian/vegan restaurant called the Green Lotus Cafe.  Unfortunately, they where not open while we where there, but it looks like a good place for breakfast, or lunch.

We spent the night in a classic New England house, turned B&B. If you are visiting Cape Cod as a vegan I recommend checking out the Shady Hollow Inn. The inn has a quiet relaxing feel, but the best part was probably the delicious vegan breakfast!  They are very accommodating when creating delicious dishes for any dietary needs.

muffins  waffle

After breakfast we boarded a ferry headed for Martha’s vineyard.  The weather was perfect for viewing the cliffs in Aquinnah, owned by the Wampanoag Indians.  The site had a places to eat as well as some huts showing the history of the native people that live there.  You may recognize the lighthouse from the movie Jaws, which you can climb to the top of.

lighthouseFor lunch we stopped at Bee Dee’s in Oak Bluffs. All vegan items had a green v next to them.  The cafe has some seating available, but we took advantage of the hot summer day to eat by the water.  My wrap consisted of, black beans, corn, zucchini, and guacamole.  It also came with a bag of Cape Cod potato chips.  You can take a self-guided tour at the factory located in Hyannis.

mv_wrap dock

Before boarding the boat for our return trip we visited the famous ginger bread homes.  These adorable cottages where part of the camp – meeting movement during the 19th century.  At first people set up canvas tents on the site, bringing with them everything they would need.  Over time it become more permanent, and people stayed longer.  The Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association maintains one of the cottages as a museum.  The houses are passed down through generations, however some of them can be rented, or occasionally purchased.

 houses1 house2

 Once back in Hyannis we found a South American restaurant called Vista De Mare.  The menu had a small vegetarian section, including a vegan option of Quinoa, and vegetables.  The next day we packed up, and returned to Ithaca, but not without one more stop at the Buzzards Bay canal walk.

Cape_Cod 062 canal