Trip to Williamsburg Brooklyn

Recently, Mr. EastHIllVegan and I visited our old home town in Long Island for a wedding. We left Ithaca on a Friday night for a weekend in Brooklyn before the big event. After finally checking into our hotel in Brooklyn, we got on the L Train to visit the East Village in Manhattan. We had dinner at the vegan restaurant Caravan of Dreams. We have eaten here before, but I was a little disappointed.  The food was OK, but I think the restaurant could use some updates. Afterward we visited a nearby bar, and discovered that DunWell doughnuts has a new location in Manhattan.

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We spent Saturday exploring Williamsburg Brooklyn. First we had breakfast at the Little Choc Apothocary. The atmosphere was lovely, and our food was excellent. My crepe was filled with Choc butter (Newtella) and jam. I would love to visit this place again!

We then decided to walk toward the East River State Park, and stop in a few shops along the way.

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To our surprise we stumbled upon the Smorgasburg Williamsburg. This open air food market takes place every Saturday from May to October. It was pretty amazing, and they have several vegan food vendors. We purchased a watermelon juice in a watermelon container, and some sliders from Monks Vegan Smokehouse. So delicious!

For dinner we visited Modern Love. This place did not disappoint, everything was amazing! We had the breaded green fried tomatoes, Hen of the Woods Piccata, and Seitan Brisket. As usual we shared both plates, and I thought they where both delicious. For desert we had Peach Basil Pie and a Brownie with Mint Chip Ice Cream. The flavors where perfect!  I only wish this restaurant was in Ithaca.

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Sunday was spent attending a wedding on Long Island. It was a lovely water front event. The caterer had vegan spinach raviolis and a lemon sorbet.

On Monday before driving back to Ithaca we stopped in Brooklyn again for lunch at Champs Diner and a box of Dunwell Doughnuts.

vegan treats

Vegan Treats is an amazing bakery located in Bethlehem, Pa.  I live about three hours away so it is not a place go to very often.  Recently I decided to splurge and order a cookie sampler from them so I could get some vegan goodies without the long drive.

The cookies where very well packed, and came with an extra pumpkin shaped sugar cookie.  The box contained one dozen cookies in 6 varieties.  The different types where classic chocolate chip, peanut butter surprise (chocolate with peanut butter filling), maya nut, white chocolate macadamia nut, coconut caramel delight (shortbread dipped in chocolate and topped with caramel), and cowboy (pecans, cinnamon, chocolate chips and oats).


     sugar cookiecookiesMy favorite was the chocolate cookie with peanut butter filling, but my husband and I loved them all.  The only downside though was the expensive shipping cost.  I think for that reason I probably won’t order from them very often.  If you are in the area, or decide to place an order you will not be disappointed by the quality of these delicious baked goods.