WIP knitting

My post for today has nothing to do with German cooking.  I have been having fun recreating some of my childhood favorites, but with my classes officially started, I decided I should plan for a few breaks from the kitchen.  Aside from delicious food, I remember receiving hand knitted socks from my grandmother, who lived in Heidenheim an Der Brenz.  She stopped knitting long ago, and I now have her collection of needles.  This summer I made two needle holders so they do not end up lost or bent.

needlebags           circularneedles

I also started my first pair of socks.  The yarn is a very soft bamboo, and cotton blend. As you can see I finished one, but the other needs a foot.  Someday I may teach myself how to knit two socks at once.  Until that happens, though I will continue this slower way of making them.  The other object is a blanket I am making from scrap yarn.  The nice thing about this blanket pattern, it that it is all one piece, so no sewing when it is completed.  Both of these projects are on hold until I can find more time to work on them.


socks                     blanket

market bag

I don’t knit things for other people that often.  Mostly because I take a long time to finish an object.  This year however I decided to make something for a friend who also watched our animals during the holidays.  The pattern is called Eastern Mountain Tote by Tanis Gray.  The pattern wanted you to create the body of the bag first then make the bottom.  I started by making the bottom and working my way up.  It seemed easier to me and I only had to sew on one side of the strap.




It took me about a month to complete it.  I had to backtrack a few times to fix mistakes, but I am very happy with the results.